30 Breathtaking Rose Pics

“Rose! Thou art the sweetest flower that ever drank the amber shower: Even the Gods, who walk the sky, are amorous of thy scented sigh”. – Thomas More

Roses come in over 100 species and a wide variety of colors. And yes, a rose is a miracle. Some see the rose and some see the thorn, thus roses teaching us life’s most important lesson; where there are beautiful roses, there are thorns too.

Lovely fragrance, looking beautiful, its crimson leaves raise many a lover’s hope for a life full of fragrance and beauty. Rose pics are a treat to ones senses.

Here are 30 Rose Pics to enjoy the beauty of roses:

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rose pics( Photo by CarloPDX )

rose pics( Photo by anniedaisybaby )

rose pics( Photo by JohnMMM )

rose pics( Photo by Mike_100 )

rose pics( Photo by Mukumbura )

rose pics( Photo by  wayhow30 )

rose pics( Photo by spisharam )

rose pics( Photo by gypsie2 )

rose pics( Photo by Luigi FDV )

rose pics( Photo by Hobbyfotograf Jürgen aus Rheinhausen )

pictures of roses( Photo by azucargeminis )

pictures of roses( Photo by Dianne Sherrill )

pictures of roses( Photo by Martha MGR )

pictures of roses( Photo by Paula Stephens )

pictures of roses( Photo by Super.Jen )

roses pictures( Photo by Don3rdSE )

roses pictures( Photo by Andrew Kemp )

roses pictures( Photo by claus_klima )

roses pictures( Photo by Jim-AR )

roses pictures( Photo by frida )

roses pictures( Photo by confections )

roses pictures( Photo by Law H8r )

roses pics( Photo by Traudl )

roses pics( Photo by OrangeRy ~ Sara )

roses pics( Photo by Lyubov )

roses pics( Photo by Luigi FDV )

roses pics( Photo by *Kevin45* )

roses pics( Photo by t.abroudj )

roses photos( Photo by L Scugnizzo )

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roses photos