7 Goofproof Outdoor Plants

If tending to your flora is leaving you feeling wilted, take heart: These plants are almost impossible to kill.

1. Verbena


Photo by John Gruen 

This new flowering hybrid resists fungus (which can weaken the plant and cause the leaves to shrivel). And, happily, it’s self-cleaning.

2. New Guinea Impatiens


Photo by John Gruen 

This variety of impatiens, with its showy flowers, is uniquely versatile. It can handle some sun, unlike the more commonly found species, which like only shade. Also self-cleaning.

3. Geranium


Photo by Francois De Heel/Getty Images 

It’s a mainstay of window boxes everywhere, and here’s why: This flower comes in dozens of colors and flourishes in many climates. Pelargonium zonale is particularly vigorous. To care for it, simply deadhead and pinch back as needed.

4. Euphorbia


Photo by John Gruen 

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With masses of tiny flowers, Euphorbia hypericifolia is pretty and self-cleaning. And deer will steer clear of it (they don’t like the taste).

5. Purple Fountain Grass


Photo by John Gruen 

A gracefully arching ornamental grass with fuzzy, rose-colored seed heads, ‘Rebrum’ can withstand just about anything, including high humidity and wind. It’s pest- and disease-free, too.

6. Coleus


Photo by John Gruen 

Prized for its bold, variegated foliage, this two-tone stunner is easy to grow and thrives in summer. It comes in a slew of gorgeous colors. To care for it, deadhead and pinch back as needed.

7. Begonia

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Photo by John Gruen 

Unlike other begonias, which need to be in the shade, Begonia boliviensis fares well in full sun or partial shade. And it rewards you with a profuse shower of tubular, orange red flowers. It benefits from an occasional pinching back.