7 Powerful Success Principles

If you follow the success principles, success will surely be yours. Contrary to popular opinion, public debate, and what you may have seen on television, success is not the result of good luck. Success comes from the proper application of principles.

With that said, here are seven powerful success principles.

1. Ask for what you want.

You may have figured out what you want the most, but now you need to go and get it. Or at least ask for it.

You may never get a promotion, if you don’t tell your boss that you think you’re ready for it. And your soul mate may walk away if you don’t talk to her/him and confess your feelings.

If you want to be a writer, write and share your works, ask for help, make your friends read your work, send it to publishers, etc.

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No one else will do it for you.

2. 100% responsibility.

The average person blames others (parents, friends, teachers, partner, colleagues) for what doesn’t work for him. He judges, compares himself to others. And he never moves on with his life.

Successful people, on the other hand, take full responsibility for their actions, admit mistakes, aren’t afraid to face the consequences. And it helps them become more fearless. Strengthens their mindset. Prepares them for the challenges on the way to success.



3. Express gratitude on a regular basis.

Every day you should thank for all you’ve got. For the people that love you, the things you have the chance to do, the time you’re given, the opportunities around you, the things you’re good at, the belongings you have, the home you live in, etc.

That will make you much more contented with your life. You’ll be more peaceful, happier and will appreciate what you have.

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Then it will become much more.

4. Don’t rely on luck.

Luck may exist. But analyzing whether it does is time-consuming.

Instead, make your own luck.

Notice opportunities and take them. Show up. Be confident. Be persistent. People will soon notice that. And they will want you to work for them, some will want to be in your company, others – to learn from you.

5. Be always on the grow.

Never miss a chance to learn something new – read books, listen to podcasts, follow your mentors on their journey to success, go to seminars, and never miss a chance to improve your skills by practicing what you do best.

6. Keep yourself motivated.

You won’t change your mind about what you want to achieve, but it’s quite possible that you lose motivation. And without a burning desire, there’s no progress.

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So empower yourself daily by spending time with like-minded people and sharing ideas with them, by becoming more confident, visualizing your success and enjoying the whole process.

7. Take action.

That’s the key step towards your dreams.

Nothing will ever happen if you don’t take any action. And more importantly, if you don’t repeat that every day. Success is a result of hard work that is done every single day.

Only by practicing can you get better and eventually master the things you do, see what doesn’t work and stop doing it, become confident in your abilities, generate ideas, be focused and get more done, make hard work a habit, start believing in yourself, see progress and thus have the motivation to keep going.

Go ahead! Success is waiting for you.