Herbs and Plants that Repel Mosquitos

Nothing ruins a good outdoor event quite like blood-sucking insects. While the war against these little vampires should be multi-pronged, mosquito-repelling plants and herbs can be a useful and pretty part of keeping them away. Here are our favorites. Mosquito-repelling plants work by masking the smells that […]

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How To Grow Cucumber Indoors?

When growing a cucumber, keep in mind that they will need a lot of sun. You can grow them directly in your garden or you can grow them in raised beds to allow for proper drainage. Raised beds also allow for easier access. Easy Cucumber […]

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Find out how to have an easy, carefree garden with these beautiful and low-maintenance perennials. To have a carefree garden, choose the right perennials … and plant them in the right spots. You’ve probably heard that if you want your flower garden to grow with the least amount […]

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